Who We Are

Guan Fei – Business Director China

Guan Fei: From the city of Puyang in Henan Province, she holds degrees from Jiangxi Normal University and Jiangxi Dayu University, and certification in CET, ESL and interpretation. Additional studies included ESL training at the Shanghai New Oriental Training School, and Castle College in Nottingham, England. She worked for many years at a university in Nanchang Foreign Department, Foreign Affairs Office, and has rich experience in teaching English, She had two consecutive provincial ‘Excellent foreign teachers Manager’s awards. Has managed the qualification of lecturers with universities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong and other places overseas. Her work and life experience has resulted in an excellent knowledge of English and Western culture.Guanfei has over seven years’ experience utilizing her bilingual skills for teaching college English and for providing translation and interpretation services. She has worked with people in a variety of areas, including government, business and education.

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James Dullaghan – Business Partner Europe

James graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland, with Bachelor of Engineering degree. Post-graduate Diploma in Management, from Trinity College Dublin. Acquired over 32 years experience working in industry in Ireland, now specialises in international business marketing, project planning and has had a long association with teaching.

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Patrick Borland: He graduated from Trinity College, Ireland. He is an English language expert (wordsmith), with years of experience in cross-cultural exchange. A deep understanding of Chinese and Western cultures, and a frequent traveller between Ireland and China. A guest English professor at schools and colleges in China to deliver lectures and to promote cultural exchange projects

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Our Associates

David’s educational background includes holding a Bachelor of Education from the University of Limerick, Ireland and Master of Science in Technology & Learning from Trinity College Dublin.David has been involved in the development of second level educationcourses in Ireland embedded in ICT (Information Communication Technology). He has also been involved in many educational projects gaining worldwide recognition, most recently with the world Formula1 organisation. Right now he is working with Trinity College Dublin putting together an innovative teacher training programme which is being piloted across a number of selected schools in Ireland.



Larry:He has worked in a major Secondary School in Dublin where he was principal for many years, Also president of Dublin International School years, A very experienced education expert in the field of international student education



Jeff Bliss graduated from University in the USA. He has long been engaged in English teaching and international cultural exchange activities. Jeff is a lifetime learner and teacher who has spent 14 years teaching English in China. Always helping others, Jeff especially loves improving communication between people from different cultures so that we can live in peace and harmony with our world and our environment.

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Don Rectman graduated from the U.S. Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. English language and music specialist, with years of experience in teaching activities.

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Wei Yi Li graduated with primary degree in China plus a Master’s degree in Computing in Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. Engaged in international enrollment in school admissions in Ireland. Maintains communication links with universities’ international admissions in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Good knowledge of national conditions, schools, institutions and curricula.

Norman Lee is Senior Advisor Canadian educational sociologist,  and has extensive experience in the diplomatic community, foreign economic activity, management and English teaching.