AIA – American International College

Global Culture Exchange (GCE) is focused on serving our Chinese and foreign customers in the international cultural exchange arena. We are dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and countries in the EU, particularly Ireland, the UK and Spain. In order to expand the service we provide to our Chinese customers we also provide an international cultural exchange platform into the USA. This is provided in association with AIA (American International College) who are approved by the federal government of the United States of America to provide international educational exchanges. AIA has provided and implemented international education exchange solutions for the world’s education systems and schools in many countries and provided international affairs solutions. AIA has for example served the Santiago Education Bureau of the United State, Joint Education Bureau, Los Angeles Bureau of Education, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand education departments. Also in China, the Education Department of Hunan Province, and hundreds of schools across China. GCE is the cooperation and enforcement agent of AIA in Shenzhen, Guangdong and other parts of China.


GCE as an international exchange organization provides first class international education experts and professionals, that are committed to providing and implementing exchange programmes for students, teachers, curriculum, training materials as well as winter and summer camp, sister schools, cooperation and other aspects of the international education exchange service.




1 Direct connection to high quality international education resources


GCE has the unique advantage of being able to access the combined high-quality educational resources of the United States, Australia and the EU. We can provide first hand education resources for schools in different countries, to achieve global sharing of high-quality education resources.


2 We have an excellent team focused on international exchange and communication.


3 We provide seamless international solutions from primary education to university placement, teacher training and beyond.