Summer Camps

Summer (English) Camp is our company speciality. We use technology enhanced facilities to ensure our students have the best possible experience. It allows students to take advantage of summer vacation to learn and understand Western culture and language, with other students from all over the world. It not only assists the student to develop a degree of independence in a short time, but also expands the student’s international perspective, changing their life and world view, enlarging their dreams and hopes, while providing an invaluable life experience.
As the saying goes: “To experience something is far better than reading ten thousand books about it,” Our 2-3 week programme will bring unforgettable experiences to your child, a rare opportunity to increase real life wealth. Why not?
The company has successfully held  British and Irish camps, led by our experienced teacher Guan Fei. Our camp is the most technologically advanced anywhere and is located in Ireland. The country is native English speaking, high on the international security index, the people are very friendly, the environment is very beautiful and healthy, an ideal place for children. We also offer optional tour of London to complete the experience.

Our main brochure with full details is in Chinese.

The following is a little glimpse of our past summer camps when we had students from China taking part. Visit our Summer Camp gallery for many more:

IMG_0869 25-7-15 Cyclying Group